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Mini Golf For Android

Play free golf on your smartphone!
Experience an adventure of 18 courses playable without constraints and beat your own score.


 Screenshots :
28-02-2014 09-56-45 2014-02-28 09.58.33 2014-02-28 09.59.23 2014-02-28 10.00.40 2014-02-28 10.01.10 2014-02-28 10.01.18 2014-02-28 10.01.29
Get it for free on Google Play or download it using a barCode scanner !
minigolfEnjoy !

Space Classic Shooter

Try to beat your own score trying a classic.
Fight meteors and aliens to create a new record!
Just Tap to fire and double tap at a location to reach it.
Enjoy !

Screenshots :

2014-03-01 14.36.49 2014-03-01 14.35.38 2014-03-01 14.35.47 2014-03-01 14.36.05 2014-03-01 14.36.21 2014-03-01 14.36.30

Available for free on Google Play or download it using the barCode Scanner



You want to create a paper 2D world ? try to create a city according to your preferences by placing in each block what you want.

You can choose between houses, mountains, cities and buildings or let nature and the view less congested.
You can change the sun, depending on your preferences or hide it (pro version)

Admire the colorful cars traveling on your screen and lights decorating your phone.
The live wallpaper alternates day and night by creating a very pleasant 2D world.

City Paper is optimized to save you battery_juice,because it stops when the phone is in sleep mode or when you’re not in the home screen .


  • Available on Google Play.
  • Download using barcode scanner:



  • Screenshots :

   2014-01-24 22.12.33                                                                 2014-01-24 22.12.14

2014-01-24 22.11.31                                                                 2014-01-24 22.10.21